Do I buy one Tutorial at a time?

Yes, each Tutorial is a one time payment.

After I purchase my first Tutorial, do you store my information?

Yes, as a part of the process of purchasing your first Tutorial you will have an Account set up.  The primary reason for this Account is so the next time you want to purchase a Tutorial it will be a seamless purchase process and will be one click away from viewing your next Flawless Tutorial.

Where is My Account located on the Website? 

In the upper right corner (desktop version) you will click on My Account.  You will be able to view all of your purchased Tutorials here as well as edit any other information that you have on file with us.

Why do you have my contact information on file?

This information is ONLY for the purpose of contacting you on when the next new Tutorial is available for purchase.  We absolutely DO NOT share this information with any 3rd party vendors/companies.

Can I watch the Tutorials anytime I want?


If I have any questions who do I contact?

Please email support@factoryone.co as we will be happy to answer any of your questions.